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The Heightened Hearts Foundation’s Feature Project: A Global Relief Center in Ukraine
Given the conditions in the war-torn country of Ukraine, the current Featured Project of the Heightened Hearts Foundation is to build a Relief Center in the country — a place where community members can congregate, study and worship.

In the near future, the Heightened Hearts Foundation plans to build a full-service facility in which our non-profit organization can offer a variety of educational and health-related services. Our primary targets for this facility will be the youth and seniors in the community, as well as low-income parents and their dependents. The state-of-the-art community center will be dedicated to providing educational classes and programs, and will also provide much-needed space to host a daycare/afterschool program, a bakery, and a soup kitchen. While the facility will initially cater to those individuals involved in spiritual programs offered through the center, our goal is to make the center accessible to every member of the surrounding community.

On What Days and Times Will the Ukrainian Heightened Hearts Center Be Open for Business?
The Heightened Hearts Foundation anticipates that its full-service Community Relief Center will operate seven days a week at the following times: Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

What Types of Services Will Be Available through the Heightened Hearts Relief Center?

Every week, the Heightened Hearts Foundation’s Community Relief Center will offer a variety of self-help services, classes, and educational workshops at no cost to the general public. Our goal is to provide the community with the education and support they need to live full, productive, and meaningful lives — skills they can ultimately pass on to the next generation of Ukrainians.  The services we plan to offer through the Heightened Hearts Relief Center include:

All of these classes, workshops and services — and others we plan to offer — will be designed to serve a particular and pressing need in the community and to educate attendees on the various skills they need to thrive, as well as the ways they can collectively help their fellow citizens.

Daycare/After-Care and After-School Program through the Heightened Hearts Foundation

In addition to the classes, workshops, and services mentioned above, the Heightened Hearts Foundation will also offer daycare and after-care programs for the community’s youth.  These daycare and after-care programs will be open to all children and teens in the community, but will be specifically targeted to serve those children who would otherwise be left alone while their parents are working.

The organization’s daycare/after-care program will be available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Children at the facility will receive a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks; take part in physical fitness activities offered through the center; and, participate in educational activities specifically designed to either prepare them for school or enhance their current school education.

During the school session, the Heightened Hearts Foundation’s Relief Center will additionally offer an afterschool program that will operate Monday through Friday from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. This program will offer school-age children a safe haven — a place to go while their parents are at work. While attending the facility, students will be given homework help, a healthy snack, and will be encouraged to take part in educational classes that will help them focus on their collective futures.

Food Services at the Heightened Hearts Relief Center

The Heightened Hearts Relief Center will also have a bakery and soup kitchen, built specifically to support the surrounding community. These facilities will involve a full-service kitchen and community garden, allowing the staff and volunteers at the center to create tasty and healthy meals for all of those that need them. By growing some of our own food, we plan to reduce the costs of the Relief Center’s meal programs, as well as the daycare and afterschool programs we plan to offer. The Soup Kitchen will offer reduced-rate (or in some cases, free) meals to low-income individuals and families in the area. The bakery will also offer similar programs for low-income families. This is a vital instrument in the center’s mission to bring nutritional and necessary meals to hungry families in the community.

Food Box Programs

In its continuing effort to bring much-needed help where it is needed most, the Heightened Hearts Foundation provides disadvantaged community members with Food Boxes on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. These Food Boxes include all basic meal necessities, as well as the essential vitamins and nutrients that make for a healthy and hearty meal. In the future, the Heightened Hearts Foundation may also offer soup kitchen/food pantry services to the homeless and low-income individuals and families within the community.


One of the most unique services the Heightened Hearts Foundation offers is its Adopt-A-Grandparent program.  Through this supportive program, individuals have the special opportunity to either donate funds or spend quality time with elderly individuals in the community.  The HH foundation has noted that there are many elderly folks in the Ukrainian community with specific medical and nutritional needs — needs that can only be met by generous volunteers who “adopt” one or more of these people through our program.  At the Heightened Hearts Foundation, we are committed to securing the needed funding to help support elderly citizens — funding that can be used to address nutritional, medical, and recreational needs.

Heightened Hearts’ Scholarship Programs

Education can be the key to unlocking a great future. As such, the Heightened Hearts Foundation is dedicated to providing much-needed scholarships to low-income students. This wonderful scholarship program is open to all high school and college students who meet the financial criteria and demonstrate a desire to better themselves and their communities through higher education. Students interested in the program must complete a brief application form to determine the applicant’s Grade Point Average (GPA), educational goals, and his/her financial status. Once the application is submitted, it will be carefully reviewed by the Heightened Hearts Foundation’s Board of Directors, and eligible students will need to undergo an interview process with a volunteer of our organization.

During the interview process, a Heightened Hearts volunteer will further assess the applicant’s desire for a quality education, his/her future goals, and the pressing need for assistance. When choosing recipients, our organization will take many factors into consideration, including financial need, GPA, and the desire to obtain an education. Scholarships will only be granted to those students who demonstrate financial need. Funds granted will be paid directly to the student’s school.

Back-To-School Baskets

Educational supplies can be costly, so the Heightened Hearts Foundation assists low-income families with back-to-school supplies for school-age children. Items included in the baskets include, but are certainly not limited to, new clothes and shoes, paper, pencils, pens and more. The organization currently has plans to partner with local and corporate organizations in the community that agree to assist our team with the donations of these types of items and the distribution of these baskets to those families in need.

Potential Future Programs

As the Heightened Hearts Foundation continues to grow, our goal is to offer additional programs and services.  These may include: Spiritual Programs, Consulting/Support Services, Farm Assistance Programs, Crisis Pregnancy Educational Programs, Medical Programs, Congregate Meal Site Programs, and Residential Treatment Services.

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