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Serve Others through the Heightened Hearts Foundation

Serving others who are less fortunate is indeed a responsibility that falls on all of us in the human community, and demonstrates our own thankfulness for those who have helped us at various times throughout our lives. However, here at the Heightened Hearts Foundation we believe serving others is more than just a responsibility — it’s an incredible opportunity that benefits not just those receiving the help, but also those providing it.

Serving Others through the Heightened Hearts Foundation: The Benefits

Research has proven that helping others in a meaningful way has a significant positive effect on our own happiness. Perhaps this is because our altruistic acts, especially those aimed at strangers, almost always have a way of coming back full circle. In other words, by putting others first, we can reasonably expect that every aspect of our lives will take on a new and happier meaning.In recent years, the “Pay It Forward” mentality has been growing in popularity, as more and more people in the developed world realize we have transcended scarcity and no longer need to compete for survival. With a growing number of people inclined to help others without asking for anything in return, our attitudes tend to change for the better, as we become more accommodating, more giving, and more willing to help. This in turn changes the very atmosphere around us.

Could this be a first step towards a more cooperative, meaningful, and joyous future? One can only hope so!

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