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The Heightened Hearts Foundation is in the process of organizing Mission Trips in various parts of the world — trips that allow participants to see the world while serving their fellow man.

Voluntourism through the Heightened Hearts Foundation

The mission trips sponsored by the Heightened Hearts Foundation operate according to the “philanthro-voluntourism” model.  As you might guess from the name, the term “voluntourism” involves a combination of volunteering and tourism, thus affording individuals the unique opportunity to visit some of the world’s most scenic marvels, while also giving some of their time and support to worthy causes across the globe.

The Benefits of Voluntourism

The Satisfaction of Giving (And Giving Back)

It’s been said that “giving is the best feeling a person can experience,” as the opportunity to help just one person through a charitable donation can make all the difference in the world.

The act of giving is the main benefit of the Heightened Hearts Foundation’s “voluntourism” programs. With less money than you may think, you can help launch programs and projects which bring much-needed assistance to a community — programs and projects that would be nearly impossible to sustain without your generosity. By giving your time and money, you can join and bolster our Heightened Hearts team as we strive to build affording housing for the poor; to erect and help sustain medical clinics and libraries; and even design bathrooms and other facilities for the disabled. The sky is truly the limit!

Learn New Cultures

Volunteering your time and expertise for projects such as the ones mentioned above will not only bring you a gratifying feeling of satisfaction, it will also allow you to meet the local people and learn about their culture and hardships. With this information at hand, you can then return home with an enlightened view of their plights, which in turn can help you rally the support of future volunteers and donors.

Heightened Hearts is committed to its volunteers and promises to offer the most authentic experiences. With this type of travel, you’ll be immersed in the local culture, giving you the chance to learn new languages, customs and traditions.

See the Sights

The Heightened Heart Foundation’s Voluntourism programs know no boundaries — we go wherever we are needed! Therefore, as a participant in one of these programs, you’ll be treated to all the sites and attractions your locale has to offer.  From the scenic beauty of nature to urban City scapes, your voluntourism trip will give you the unique opportunity to explore everything your surroundings have to offer.

Learn from Local Tour Guides

At the Heightened Hearts Foundation, nearly all of our guides and tour leaders are natives of the country to which you’ll travel on your mission and are extremely knowledgeable regarding the region’s history and culture.  Perhaps even more importantly, these guides and tour leaders have firsthand knowledge of the challenges and roadblocks these countries face. You can expect these leaders to gently challenge your worldview as they demonstrate some of the hardships people face in his/her country — hardships that are literally unthinkable in our part of the world.  You can also expect our guides to exhibit sheer enthusiasm while showing you around the country and to make you feel welcome, secure, and indispensable to the cause.

The Heightened Hearts Foundation: Voluntourism in Ukraine

Currently, the country of Ukraine has become a prioority outreach location for the Heightened Hearts Foundation’s “voluntourism” program. This may sound like a scary proposition due to the turmoil and chaos occurring in that part of the world, but you can rest assured that your safety is our top priority. Our volunteer efforts are taking place far from the conflict, which is happening solely in the east of the country near the Russian border.  Our team leaders and guides are experts when it comes to the “ins and outs” of Ukrainian society and would never put you in harm’s way.

From a scenic point of view, there are few places in the world that are more breathtaking than Ukraine, and volunteers will be treated to all of this beauty and more.  Tour leaders are well-versed about the country and have a wealth of information when it comes to the wonderful culture, traditions, and customs that make Ukraine so extraordinary and unique.

Heightened Heart’s Voluntourism in Ukraine: Three Ways to Help

The Heightened Hearts Foundation has developed three distinct models for philanthropic tourism missions to Ukraine. They include:

  • The “Improving Lives with Helping Hearts” Tour Program
  • The “Team Building Group” Tour Program
  • The “Tailor-Made Luxury Traveling/Volunteering” Tour ProgramTo help you better understand these models and the purpose they serve, below we have included an in-depth description of each tour type.

Heightened Hearts Philantro- Travel mission trip programs

“Improving Lives With Helping Hearts” Tour Program

“Improving lives with helping hearts” Tour Program

This is a specific program to help build relationships with the local people, encourage communities to support and join HH Worship Center. To help perform light maintenance and construction projects and to experience the beautiful countryside of central Ukraine while using their gifts to serve others.
“Team Building Group” Tour Program

“Team Building Group” Tour Program

This is a specific program created for the specific groups like school, collages groups, corporate groups or any other groups that like to blend community service with the adventure. Enhance a cultural education and history knowledge. Team building or improving stuff motivation and employee loyalty while helping community. Contribute to better world!
Tailor-Made Luxury Travel Volunteering Tour Program

Tailor-Made Luxury Travel Volunteering Tour Program

This is a specific program was created for A volunteer adventure that has been a tailor-made offering to suit you and your entire trip is designed around your desires, so you are not locked-in to a preset itinerary. This model for philanthropic tourism that’s both ethical and allows you to stay in comfort zone.
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