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The Heightened Hearts Foundation serves individuals and families in need within the local community and around the world.

Our goal is to build up communities by strengthening individuals and families through personalized assistance and organized outreach programs. We are working to create lasting solutions for poverty, hunger, and social injustice by positively impacting lives around the world.
Heightened Hearts is a public, 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping people in Miami, FL and global communities.

We offer a continuum of services including donations of food, supplies, and medication; provision of educational services and supplies; assistance with home maintenance; and much more.


Miami, Florida

The Heightened Hearts Foundation is headquartered in Miami, Fl. Many of our current outreach programs and aid initiatives are focused on helping the growing populations of homeless and low-income individuals and families in the Miami area. We are working to provide aid to our neighbors in need by donating food, supplies, and clothing; providing assistance with medical aid and educational services; and, funding drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Though our current resources are limited, we are working to positively impact the world – one city, one family, one life at a time.

Poltavskiy Region, Ukraine

The Heightened Hearts Foundation was given seven acres of land in the Poltavskiy Region in Ukraine – the community our founder calls home and an area stricken by war and poverty. Our first major project is the construction of a relief center on the property that will serve as a refuge for those most in need. From this center, we can reach out to the surrounding areas and begin helping impoverished communities to rebuild. This center will serve as a home base for our organization and as a retreat for people to come together under a common cause and help one another. Once complete, we plan to build similar relief centers in other parts of the world and continue our mission to serve others.

We are currently providing aid to the people in these communities in any way we can with our limited resources. To grow our organization and the number of individuals and families who will receive our help, we rely on the generosity of those who want to make a difference. Find out how you can donate your time or money to further the efforts of the Heightened Hearts Foundation and become part of something bigger than yourself!

Heightened Hearts