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The team of staff and volunteers at the Heightened Hearts Foundation is working to create lasting change in communities around the world. Each member of our team brings unique experiences and skills that contribute to our mission of helping people in need. These people are the lifeblood of our organization and make what we do possible. Together, we are able to positively impact the lives of individuals and families that need help the most. Interested in joining our team? Find out how. CLICK HERE

Lyubov Smirnova

Founder/ CEO / Board of Directors

Olga Golub


Dmitriy Smirnov

Chief Marketing Officer / Board of Directors

Claudia Liliana Garcia

Representative in Mexico

“I start and end every day with gratitude in my heart. Its this feeling I have knowing how fortunate my life is. If I can help others to know this feeling, they too will want to share it. It is very contagious you know.”
Lyubov Smirnova

Andrey Ledikhov

Heightened Hearts Relief Center Manager- Ukraine

Natalia Ledikhova

Heightened Hearts Relief Center Program/Events Administrator- Ukraine

Mike Comerio

Board of Directors

Lisa Hamel

Board of Directors

“I hear compliments and thanks from most people we helped and one could never mean more to me than the next. I am all about being of service to those who I can be. The thanks I am given comes from above.”
Olga Golub

Karyna Ledikhova

Executive Assistant

Svetlana Kayola

Representative Ukraine

Mark Rice

Chief Financial Officer / Board of Directors

“Like all non-profit organizations, the volunteer core is essential to our success. Wherever we are, the members of that community will know right away how to help out should their hearts call on them.”
Dmitriy Smirnov

Alexandr Yakushev

Representative Russia

Michael Bloom

Writer and Electronic Communication

“We do what we do because we have faith in the human spirit and we have faith in something much larger. “
Andrey Ledikhov

Heightened Hearts