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The “Team-Building” Group Tour Program

Those who opt to participate in the Heightened Hearts Foundation’s “Team Building” group tour will be making a commitment to help support specific organizations in the Ukrainian region, including schools, colleges/universities, businesses and service groups.  The program is designed for those who want to perform community service while taking advantage of all the adventure and scenery Ukraine has to offer.  Through this program, participants will learn about the history and culture of the region, while helping local stakeholders mobilize in an effort to improve conditions in their specific communities.

The “Team-Building “group tour is perfect for those individuals who have a passion for service and the organizational skills to help get projects off the ground.  As a member of this tour group, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute your time and expertise to those who need it the most, and make a real difference in some of the hardest-hit communities in the region.

Members of the “Team-Building” group tour will assist local stakeholders in their efforts to initiate and complete certain projects that the Heightened Hearts Foundation have deemed critical.

Perhaps the best part of this tour, aside from the prospect for providing real help where it’s needed most, are the sightseeing opportunities you’ll be afforded towards the middle of the trip.  Volunteers will have the chance to visit some of the best sites and attractions the region has to offer and learn about the country’s culture from the locals that know it best.  This time of relaxation is the perfect outlet for reflecting on what you have learned as a member of this team, and for discussing other ways you can help.

The staff at the Heightened Hearts Foundation is firmly committed to providing the most enriching travel experience possible, and we urge you to share your memories of your excursion with us via letters and photographs that will later serve as promotional materials for future volunteers.

Who Will Participate in the “Team-Building” Group Tour?

The “Team-Building” group tour will consist of no more than 12 -15 travelers, guaranteeing you an intimate travel experience.  Members will consist of independent volunteers, as well as representatives from primary and secondary schools, colleges and corporate groups.

In many cases, the Heightened Hearts Foundation will assemble the group with which you’ll be traveling. However, if you wish to travel independently or with one or more of your friends, we can create a tailor-made itinerary for you and arrange a specific Community Development volunteer project that matches your particular skills.  Keep in mind, however, that certain projects, such as those involving new construction, are only practical for those travelling in a group.

With all the work that needs to be accomplished in the Ukrainian region, you may be wondering how you’ll find the time to see the sites during your mission.  Not to worry!  For nearly all of the Heightened Hearts Foundation’s Team-Building tours, you’ll be working alongside local residents who are being paid for their services.  We do this as a way to bolster the local economy and provide much-needed jobs for the people in the region.

If the thought of helping local residents through the “Team-Building” Tour Program is appealing, you will need to provide us with some basic information before we arrange your excursion.  This information includes:

• The estimated length of your trip
• The exact number of travelers in your group
• The ages of each group member
• Your preferred destination
• The number of days you’d like to volunteer
• The specific skills of each member of your group (roofing, drywall, etc.)

Below are some of the details of the Heightened Hearts Foundation’s “Team-Building” Group Tour:
• Missionary Contacts: Andrey & Nataliya Ledikhov
• Estimated Cost of the Trip: $3,500 USD
• Trip Type: Construction, Community Outreach, Children’s Ministry

Team Size: TBD (No more than 12-15)

Keep in mind that the price of the trip only covers your accommodations and other necessities while you’re in the region of your choosing. Airfare is NOT included.

To sign up for this very important tour, please fill out the contact form below to have a representative contact you with more information & to complete the sign up process.
If you have more questions regarding the Heightened Hearts Voluntourism Programs please visit our FAQ page by Clicking Here for more information.

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