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The Heightened Hearts Foundation is an organization dedicated to providing assistance to those people and groups that need help the most. This assistance can take the form of building adequate housing; offering up donations for food, medications and other supplies; providing educational services and supplies; operating alcohol and drug treatment centers; and more. This broad approach to giving means that volunteers are always needed, regardless of the specific skills or expertise they bring to the table.The Heightened Hearts Foundation is constantly on the lookout for volunteers to help with its domestic and international efforts, the latter of which allows people to visit the world while providing much-needed assistance to those who have fallen on hard times. If you would like to volunteer for the Heightened Hearts Foundation, just follow these four easy steps:

    1. 1. Thoroughly fill out our online volunteer application form below.
    1. 2. Interview via Skype with one of our representatives.
    1. 3. Attend volunteer orientation & wait for your background check to be completed.
    1. 4. Wait for volunteer placement. We will work with you to determine what role you will be best suited for to get you started helping change the world for the better.

It really is that easy! Once your application has been submitted and received, one of our Program Department staff members will contact you to schedule your volunteer orientation. If you do not live locally in the Florida area (where the Heightened Hearts Foundation maintains its headquarters), you can opt for a “phone orientation” instead. After your orientation and required background check have been completed, you will officially become a volunteer for the Heightened Hearts Foundation. As such, we will add your name to our “volunteer email list” so that you can stay informed with regard to any ongoing or future volunteer opportunities.