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About Philantro-Travel

HH Philantro – Travel:
Mission trips – a way to serve our world
Heightened Hearts mission trip programs operates under a philanthro-voluntourism model.
Voluntourism is the combination of volunteering and sightseeing, enabling travelers to not only visit the scenic highlights of a destination, but also to engage in a meaningful way with the people and/or the environment, by giving back in a hands-on way.

Main benefit of the Philanthro-voluntourism that our clients bring to a community are the funds they provide to make a needed project happen which could not otherwise be afforded, such as a house, a medical clinic, library or disabled-accessible bathroom for a paraplegic and much more.
The volunteering aspect is really for our clients’ benefit, as this is when they interact with the local people, which is powerful, and is what can change mind-sets and attitudes when they return home.
What can be better then in addition to going on your destination tour, enjoying incredible sightseeing and all that the particular destination has to offer, as well as tobe able to enriching people’s lives through travel and service.
We are committed to providing you with authentic experiences with real people. HH Philantro Travel is your chance to get immersed in the local culture and to make a difference in the world.
Almost all our guides and tour leaders are born and raised in the country they work in, and are knowledgeable about their country’s history and culture, as well as the challenges facing their country today. Expect them to gently challenge your worldview! At the same time, our guides delight in showing you most beautiful places in Ukraine and making you feel welcome and secure
We all know about the turmoil and events going on in Ukraine but rest assured that no one will attack you or hurt you in any way. Ukraine is safe and civilized country. The problem is contained in the east territory near the Russia border. No one will take you or let you go near those territories.
We will make sure you will have a beautiful experience learning about the Ukrainian culture, traditions, and way of life. Join us on this amazing trip and experience this country with your own eyes!
Heightened Hearts Foundation developed 3 different models for Philantro- Travel mission trip programs.

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